Hayley Davidson Electric Bicycles

The bike path is under attack.

From too many manners and slow bikers.

As the symbol of two wheeled irreverence, Harley can’t stand by and watch the bike path be ruined by politeness.

We’re making a bike gang

Made up of speed junkies and fellow Harley E-bikers.
Committed to commuting and raising Hell on the bike path.

To join you’ll need to pass initiation

Our social channels will share various challenges you’ll need to complete
before you can truly call yourself a Hell’s Commuter.

Every bike gang needs
leather jackets

Now that you’re a Hell’s Commuter,
it’s time to look like one.

Earn your patches by riding like a badass on the bike path.

Let the entire path know
you’re coming

with the Hell’s Commuters loud speaker disguised as a bike bell.

Sacred texts deserve to burn.

Speed limits and traffic tickets are all enemies of the Commuters.
Unleash our Unholy Water on the path and rejoice in the flames.

A place for Commuters to repent for their sins,
Or brag about them.

@E-BikeConfessions will act as an online confessional booth for Commuters to share their deeds, brag about their rides, or ask for forgiveness.