McDonald’s Social

After winning Twitter’s Best Brand Presence 2021 award, our goal became to double down on what was working while finding new ways to innovate.

2022 was about keeping our foot on the gas – we set out to engage new, emerging sub-communities, with our beloved brand voice.

McDonald’s Archive
Views: 18.5M
Likes: 297.3K

Office Ronalds
Views: 16.1M
Likes: 222.2K

Soft Serve Swirl-Off
Views: 16.8M
Likes: 253K

The Happy Meeal Wall
Views: 14.8M
Likes: 281.8K

Macy’s Day Parade
Views: 466.9K
Likes: 48.9K

Onion Nuggets
Views: 15.9M
Likes: 253K

Our efforts paid off in huge ways.

By focusing our organic strategy on staying real-time and penetrating new subcultures with our content, we were able to gain 364,936 new followers on Twitter, an overall 8.3% growth.

On the platform we had 147,700,155 impressions with over 1,625,092 engagements and our average Twitter post reach is 53% higher than our next closest competitor.